Help us win the VOTE !levitt Amp Utica

The City of Utica has applied for the Levitt Amp Grant Awards. To Bring a 10 Concert Series to the Utica Area. The Landmarks Society of Greater Utica is partnering with the City of Utica, in hopes to win the Vote for Utica to be the selected site. However we NEED your Vote Today.


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The Landmarks Society of Greater Utica
Preserving the Past, Protecting the Future

Mission: To promote the preservation and restoration of historically and architecturally significant buildings and sites. Through projects, community education, advocacy, marketing and planned activities, the Society engages its’ members, partners and the community in preserving the past and protecting the future.

The Leading Voice

The Landmarks Society of Greater Utica was chartered by the State of New York on October 25, 1974, as a nonprofit educational corporation to preserve historic buildings and districts in the Greater Utica Area. Since its inception, Landmarks has been the leading voice for the preservation and restoration of historic, irreplaceable buildings, districts and sites in the Greater Utica Area.

We value the architectural richness of these structures, the special character they give to our neighborhoods and communities, and the contributions they make to our area’s economy, culture and unique sense of place. Our members represent all ages, professions and walks of life – but come together to share a common enthusiasm for historic buildings, to raise public awareness of their importance, and to advocate their protection and reuse in a variety of ways.

Landmarks is known and respected for its long-term dedication and substantial contributions to the preservation of historic architecture, proven expertise in preservation of historic properties and dedication to improving quality of life, economic development and heritage tourism. We have accomplished this through public education and events, an extensive network of partners and hands-on preservation of important historic structures.

Specific examples of this success include projects such as the rejuvenation and transformation of Union Station into a regional transportation and municipal center; saving 3 Steuben Park and fighting to maintain the architectural integrity of the Rutger-Steuben Historic District; the professional restoration of the Swan Fountain on the Parkway; the 2004 reopening of the Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center’s “Old Main” building as the Records Archive for the New York State Office of Mental Health; the current revitalization that is happening in the 200 block of Bleecker Street in Utica; and, of course, since 2008, our main focus has been the on-going work at Rutger Park.

Become a member or donate today to help us continue save the past, while protecting it’s future.